biographical notes

Flavio Orlando Piredda is born in 1960 at Thiesi, a small village at the foot of the mountain Monte Pelau in Meilogu in the Sardinian county of Sassari.

He obtained the diploma in painting at the academy of fine arts “Lorenzo da Viterbo”, at Viterbo.

Teacher of Piredda has been Lorenzo Vespignani.

He participated at several demonstrations of art, and exposed in several public places, always having the appreciation of audience and critics.

Piredda is a figurative painter, always dedicated to tell pieces of the intimate life.

The problem of the relation form – color, finds his natural solution in series of delicate paintings, of warm hues, which illustrate the most important themes, a portrait, a cut of a landscape, a still-life.

The quality of the painted drawing up gets dense and ductile with the luminous refraction, which exalts the intimate tender melancholy characterizing certain of his paintings. What impresses in his works, is the relationship of the human figure, investigated in the deepest intimacy.

After a long period of break and reflection, he started to draw again, describing with strong colors, the traditions and the persons of his land, Sardinia.

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traditional costumes

In this section you will find photos of traditional costumes of some Sardinian communities.



Photos of festivities of Sardinia.


the countryside

Photos of my countryside, 

trees, rocks and wind.



Connections to sites of art.

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